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Social Skills Program for Special Education Teachers

Introducing the new released Triple S Program that has been successfully used with over 250 kids in the Triple S Centre and is now being offered for public use.

This program is published by Rifky Sternlicht, London, Founder and Director of the Triple S Program and Centre. It is available in English or Yiddish format.

T: 0203 941 2928

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Terms and Conditions

I will use the Triple S Program on a one to one basis or in a group setting of maximum 3 children.

I will listen to the initial training cd -provided in the Triple S Program prior to using this program.

I will not copy or lend the Triple S Program to others without prior permission from the publisher.

A school that purchases the Triple S Program will designate one specific teacher to use this program. For each additional teacher who wishes to use the program in the school, a ‘Training and Accessory Package’ must be purchased. Thereafter, copies can be made from both workbooks of the Triple S Program for the additional teachers only to be used for his/her own students’ purpose.

The Author

Rifky Sternlicht has been working in the special education field for the last few years, helping over 250 children and their families.
She has trained extensively in a variety of programs, including ABA, CBT, Triple P Parenting, Nurturing Attachment, OT, Innate Health, and the methods of Garcia Winner and Tony Atwood; which have helped her develop her own distinct approach for teaching social awareness and behavior modification.
Rifky, who is originally from Montreal, now lives in Stamford Hill, London with her family. Her experience with parenting foster children has led towards greater expertise in this field, which she now shares through her work at the Triple S Centre, in North London.
To strengthen the child’s skills on all fronts, Rifky recommends a strong unit of parents and teacher cooperation, where both works on the same objectives and goals to help the child.
To help parents find the right balance between discipline and love, as well as for other parenting techniques, Rifky offers individual parenting sessions for parents of all types of children.

It takes a team to build a child!
Become a Triple S Behavioural Teacher and join the movement to make a difference to the world, one child at a time.

The Author


    Emotional awareness of others

    Accepting authority

    Observing facial expressions of others

    Appropriate way of complaining

    Eye contact

    And Much More...

    Expressing desires and feelings


    Dear Mrs Sternlicht. I have gained tremendously from your parenting sessions. The family atmosphere has changed dramatically!

    Mr. & Mrs. E. S, London, England

    This program is extremely clear, useful, easy to implement and very effective, too.

    E.P, A grateful mother

    Thank you for the most valuable tools you gave me. It makes me be so much happier in school and at home.

    Esty, Age 11

    Your parenting sessions were custom made that fit my individual needs, especially with my worries and fears of daily living. It is highly recommendable.

    Chany, New Square, N.Y.

    Your program is very informative in an exciting and interesting way!! I saw an immense change in a challenging student who had unacceptable behaviour. I would love to buy and implement this program to my private students .

    G.K, LSA in a local Talmud Torah

    Our child gained an awareness of the need to ‘ask’ his siblings or friends whether they would like to play anything specifically, instead of ‘telling’ them! Thank you for your guidance!

    Y & M.G, Happy parents, New York

    Thanks for all the effort you are investing in my student. We are seeing amazing progress…

    R.D. Teacher, Satmar School, London

    The Behaviour Modification sessions at the Triple S Centre has changed a student in our school. She has learned how to approach friends, maintain a friendship and is much happier within herself!

    M.H., Senco Head

    Words are not sufficient to express my deep feelings of appreciation, for all the time, effort and devotion you have invested in my ‘daughter’ throughout this term. Being under your disciplined yet loving guidance, she really improved her social and emotional skills!

    A grateful mother of a foster child

    Rifky Sternlicht - an extraordinary woman with outstanding talent and meticulous devotion and care - has produced a special program to help children who struggle socially. We wish her continued success in her ‘avoides hakoidesh’. Halslocha raboh!

    Toby Walzer and Leah Roth Innate Health Practitioners

    "Mrs Sternlicht has a deep understanding to the students’ difficulties and her targets are very spot on...."

    Mrs B Geldzahler Head of Senco Viznitz Cheider

    This program is highly recommended for students with behaviour challenges. Parents and staff have seen an astonishing transformation when the Triple S program was implemented under Mrs Sternlicht’s guidance.

    Esty Rosner Junior Senco, Belz school

    What a relief! Conversations now flow naturally between myself and my close ones. You sort of leased me a new life! A shame I didn’t know and have these Triple S communication tools when I struggled with my friends in school.

    A newly wed

    'Good personalised social skills training'

    Mrs OrlinskI, Koidesh Headteacher, Bobov Primary School

    We have seen a massive improvement on a child who was struggling with lots of peer pressure and fears. The Triple S intervention has helped the child express her feelings and she managed to become a calm student.

    R.S. Koidesh Headteacher, Beis Rochel D’Satmar Juniors

    I באמת saw א גרויסע change! It gives so much chizuk to see that our student’s התנהגות really improved in class and is behaving so much better! He is ממש on his way up, it really helped him a lot - he is on an amazing standard!

    Mr. G. Abeles Menahel, Machzikei Hadaas D’Chasidai Belz

    The Triple S Program has taught me how to say a 2 part sentence: 1) expressing my feelings and 2) how to say what I want/don’t want, in a calm way - thank you to my Triple S Teacher - it has helped me at school with my friends and at home with my siblings.

    M.G, Age 13

    The Triple S Program is an overdue service for all Moisdos struggling with socially challenged children; a program that helps the children be understood and be able to integrate between their peers. Highly recommended for all ages.

    H. Katz Headteacher, Vishnitz School Seniors

    The Triple S program does such amazing work! I saw great improvement in my child’s challenging behaviour and even his Bubby noticed, as well as commented on his changed mannerisms.

    T.W, Parent of a Triple S client

    בס''ד איך האב זיך באנוצט אין חדר פאר עטליכע קינדער מיט די ארגענעזאציא פון מרת שטערנליכט תחי', און ב"ה מיר האבן געזעהן ביי יעדע קינד וואו עס ווערט בעסער און בעסער, סיי מיט די פראבלעם פון פארמאכטקייטן, און סיי פארקערט, אפענע און הייפער קינדער וואס ווייסן נישט וויאזוי זיך צו באנעמען מיט טאטע/מאמע, ברודער/שוועסטער, חברים, מלמד, אד"ג, מיר האבן געזען ב"ה אסאך עקספיריענס מיט געוואלדיגע הצלחה. דער באשעפער זאל זיי געבן אסאך סיעתא דשמיא צו קענען אנגיין און ווייטער העלפן אידישע קינדער.

    יד"ב איינהארן מנהל רוחני בת"ת יטב לב דסאטמאר כיתה ב' ג'

    We have personally seen marked improvements in the quality of lives of students, who we have referred to Mrs. R. Sternlicht. This programme is both, appropriate and sensitive, to the needs of children in our community who are struggling socially.

    Mrs Reich and Mrs R Weiss. Headteacher and Senior SENCO, Beis Chinuch Lebonos School

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