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Helping Heads And Teachers Make Sense Of Education.


Helping Heads And Teachers Make Sense Of Education.

How It All Started

The Track Master was developed by an Educational Professional who, for many years, managed the curriculum, teaching and learning department of a large school in London, before opening The CSC. This is her story.

The story of one troubled participant in the Assessment Challenge

It was post 2014.

In the UK school system, there were no more levels.

Assessment was high on government and the Ofsted inspection agenda, but there was very little guidance. The schools were on their own and pressure was mounting.

The assessment challenge was on.

From all angles of the educational service market, options appeared. A variety of software specialists offered various options for tracking student data. But upon deeper analysis, there were fundamental flaws within most systems.

They offered level descriptors and colour coded analysis; a variety of assessment points and a range of analysis charts, but the objectives were repetitive and practically impossible to accurately track. The overall assessment system simply wasn’t clever enough.

So, she searched the market for a sensible means of assessing English that would be quick and easy for teachers to use; accurate; and trustworthy to parents and Heads. A comprehensive approach that would stimulate real progress in literacy. But there was nothing suitable out there.
She shook her head, and said: there must be a better way.
And she got to work building The Track Master.

Welcome to The Track Master

Here to help you master the tracking challenge.

The Track Master survives the constant changes to inspection frameworks because it works for the school. Period. Inspectors like it because it shows real, meaningful progress. It’s customised to fit around a school’s needs, so it gives schools what they really need: accurate reporting in an efficient manner; saving time, effort and money.

We think that a teacher’s professional judgement is greatly jeopardized when forced to prescribe judgements on dozens of vague elements of a child’s learning journey.

We think that the data that’s fed into colourful tracking systems looks neat and defined only at first glance. The reality is more nuanced, because what a child can understand, identify, discuss and know cannot be easily or accurately gauged at a given assessment point, however high the level of professional judgement.

The Track Master offers a curriculum based tracking solution that can be completely customised according to your own curricula. You choose the subjects you want to track; you choose the objectives you want to assess; you choose the amount of assessment points per year, and then enjoy watching your curricula unfold with assessment seamlessly embedded, avoiding dozens of hours of stand-alone tracking each term.

Our curriculum team will discuss the options with you, and will customise The Track Master to work for you and your school.

What Makes The Track Master So Great?

Analysis is available through a choice of many different graphs and charts in a bold, easy-to-understand format.

Just enter the data into the objective sheets which are customized for you after the initial consultation and watch your students’ academic journey unfold.

Data is derived from pupil performance. No judgement based on vague externally set indicators of progress.

Teach your curriculum objectives. Complete practice exercises. Assess work and record data.

Built for you. Your curriculum objectives, assessment methods and preferred assessment points.

Log into The Track Master from anywhere. Your data is held securely in the cloud, saving you endless filing of evidence of pupil performance.

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