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& Services

We offer a range of products & services to help you and your school

& Services

We offer a range of products & services to help you and your school


Grammar Tests

Tests for assessment, teaching & learning.

The CSC is proud to promote its remarkable system for advancing progress in grammar.
Are your students struggling with the basics of spelling, grammar and punctuation? Do you want to prevent your students losing unnecessary marks in their final exams because of spelling, grammar and puctuation errors?

Our specialized grammar testing system does all the grammar improvement work for you.

How do the tests work?

There are 6 tests for each class. Each test is made up of questions for every objective in the National curriculum, allowing the students to gain experience in the entire spelling, grammar and punctuation curriculum.

This formative assessment can then easily inform the teachers planning, as they showcase the exact areas the students are currently struggling with.

Additionally, you can easily identify targets for individual students, for them to study in their own time and apply to their work across all subjects.

Within the Secondary school curriculum, a focus on spelling, grammar and punctuation has the additional benefit of improving the students’ analysis skills as they learn to identify the grammatical techniques writers use to enhance the effect of their writing.

Like all The CSC documentation, the test can be customised according to request, so you can make sure it’s a perfect fit for your students.

The tests are available to be purchased with or without a licence to The Track Master software, but using our software allows you to track the students’ tests results throughout the year, from year to year and in comparison to the rest of the class. The tests results will also appear on the student’s individual profile, simplifying overall tracking management and leaving you and your administration staff with more time.


We offer a variety of English schemes of work that meet National Curriculum objectives which can be customised for your school. Our schemes of work are focused, concise and helpful, designed for the teacher who’s creative and passionate but short on time.
Our English curricula can be further customised to meet the government standards of countries other than the UK.

To hear more about our curricula options, contact us now.

Social Skills Program for Special Education Teachers

This program is designed to be used by LSAs, Special Ed teachers and Social Skills teachers working with children that are diagnosed with Aspergers or Autism, lack social awareness, display age-inappropriate behaviour, lack communication skills or behave ‘differently’.


Software Contracts and Licenses

Contact us to work out a fantastic tracking solution that’s customised for your school.

By buying a license to our software, you can benefit from our experience in creating a custom assessment solution that works for you and your tracking needs.

Tracking Management

We offer a management service that lets you outsource your assessment technicalities to us to take care of.

All you will need to do is email us the completed mark sheets that we have customised for you and a member of our team will enter the data for you and send you the analysis reports after each assessment point.

Teach your curriculum objectives. Complete practice exercises. Assess work and record data.

Pupils’ individual data profiles are created as the year unfolds. Objectives unmet are listed for easy next-step reporting.

Data is derived from pupil performance. No judgement based on vague National Curriculum progress indicators.

Build your own assessment model. Your curriculum objectives, assessment methods and preferred assessment points.

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