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What Our
Clients Say…

Helping Teachers and Schools make sense of Education.

What Our
Clients Say…

Helping Teachers and Schools make sense of Education.

Flexible & Comprehensive

Since we have implemented The Track Master program in our school, we have seen great improvements in many areas. Students love using the checklists; they know what is expected of them and are able to plan their work accordingly. Our AFL is so much easier and more effective as we can clearly see what goes well and in which areas students need more intervention or practice. The Track Master is a great product as it is, however the fact that it is flexible means it can be easily adapted to suit a school’s changing individual requirements. Software is easy to use and gives comprehensive analysis which again is a great assessment aid. Buyers benefit from great support in implementing the program. Would definitely recommend!

Mrs CB W B T School London

Beautifully Designed

The Track Master is a bespoke software that we would highly recommend for any school looking for an easy to follow yet professional way of tracking their assessments. Our school has benefited immensely from following your comprehensive curriculum as well as purchasing the software and accompanying labels and tests. The assessments are masterfully designed to be part of the Literacy curriculum thus allowing us to teach and assess simultaneously making it so much easier for teachers and students. We are especially grateful for purchasing the accompanying learning objective labels which are particularly useful for tracking individual reading & grammar criteria taught, as well as having proof in the students’ books of the way we track.

Mrs H L BRDL Girls School

Useful & Professional

The software is a pleasure to use! Now that I am analysing the data for a large portion of the year, I find it amazing to be able to see each girl’s level for all units throughout the year at the same time as the rest of the class. The ‘assessment of objective’ sheet is wonderful and really useful in setting future targets. The class comparison tool is really beneficial in encouraging the teachers to reach higher, and it is also useful in helping me to moderate the work to see if teachers are marking accurately. At our recent inspection (June 2018), the inspectors were amazed at the professionalism of our assessment program, and it was wonderful to be able to answer every single question they posed about assessment, with confidence and evidence.

Mr S D WNS School, London

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